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KIPP Jacksonville’s high school will be the first KIPP high school in the state of Florida when it opens in the fall of 2021. We will be sharing updates throughout the year, so be sure to check back for more information!


  • The high school will be located on the first and second floors of the building located at 1440 McDuff Avenue N. where KIPP VOICE Academy currently resides.

  • The Greyhound

  • Teal and Grey

  • The high school name, KIPP Bold City High School, received the most votes from parents, students, and other members of the KIPP Jacksonville community. In September 2020, current 7th and 8th grade families along with KIPP Jacksonville staff members suggested names and colors. The names were narrowed down to the top four choices and voted on by KIPP students, families, and staff members.

    • We plan to offer Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and Career and Technical Education classes.
      • Advanced Placement will be offered beginning Sophomore year for any student wishing to enroll in a course.
      • Dual Enrollment will be offered beginning Junior year for those students who meet the state dual enrollment requirements.
      • Career and Technical Education will be offered beginning Sophomore year as an elective credit.
  • AP for All school means that any student who wishes to enroll in an Advanced Placement class can do so. There are no teacher recommendations or test scores needed to enroll in an AP class.

  • KIPP Bold City is committed to building the high school WITH our families. We will be engaging student and parent voice as we design extracurricular options. We will have a final list of those options after building them out with students and families.

  • Yes, there will be a student parking lot and process for students who wish to drive to school.

    • Our plan is to build the Career and Technical Education options around three factors:
      • Looking at a Labor Market Analysis to see what jobs are important and profitable in Jacksonville,
      • Student interest, and
      • Community partnerships to achieve the certifications.
    • We will build the program over the next few years incorporating student and parent input as we develop this program.
  • We do plan on having sports teams at KIPP Bold City High School. We will build the program as the school grows ensuring that students have a voice in the selection of the sports that are played.

  • Along with the sports team, our plan is to build out an amazing cheer squad that can cheer on our Greyhounds!

  • We are planning on offering band and are currently working to hire a high school band teacher.

  • Every student at KIPP Public Schools Jacksonville will wear a school uniform. High schoolers will have a say in what their uniform is.

Preparing Students for College & Beyond

The KIPP Jacksonville high school will be part of the free public school system and enrollment will be open to all students. The academic path for each student will be unique, but everyone will arrive at the same goal: preparation with skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose to lead a fulfilling life and create a more just world. To that end, students will also have access to the KIPP Through College program, supporting them every step of the way.


Katie Penkala

School Leader

  • B.A. in Mathematics, University of North Florida
  • M.S. in Mathematics, University of North Florida

Katie joined the KIPP Jacksonville team in 2012 and served as teacher, grade level chair, and assistant school leader. Outside of school, Katie enjoys CrossFit, indulging in southern breakfast foods, and spending time with family and friends.