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As a part of our Equity for All Initiative, we are elevating voices from across our region about racial justice and equitable opportunity. One way to hear from our staff, families, students, alumni, and the community at large, is posing a “Question of the Month” and sharing responses.


Question of the Month: How might we equitably assess student learning?

Submit your answer by April 26, 2021. You have the option to state your name or remain anonymous.

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Hear the voices of staff, families, students, alumni, and community at large.

Responses to the question of the month are gathered and then shared at the beginning of the following month.

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Celebrate Diversity Month

I feel confident sending my son to a school that I know not only values equity and diversity, but has made a commitment to make sure the teachers he has and the staff members he interacts with are committed to those values as well. As a family, my husband and I purposely chose KIPP over our neighborhood school because we want our children to attend a school that aligns to our own commitment towards social and racial justice.”

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Women’s History Month

Being a part of a vision that includes a joyful, affirming experience for all our students is a gift and I am grateful for the opportunity. It is my goal to change the trajectory for black and brown children, allowing them to have choice over their futures. I hope to leave a legacy that lives on through others who impact the lives of students everywhere.”

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KIPP Bessie Coleman Academy

When considering the naming of our school it was important that it represented the culture of our students and our school goals. The goal of our school is to empower our students with a sense of pride and appreciation of cultural awareness, curiosity, and citizenship. We believe we are growing community of learners who will address challenging obstacles through reasoning, creativity, and critical analysis.”

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Leading With Racial Equity and Justice

“To me, leading with a commitment to racial justice and equity means ensuring that the students who are ultimately in my charge- 97% of whom are Black- are taught WELL. We must not forget that there was a time when it was illegal for Black people to learn to read. Literacy is liberation, and denial of that aspect of liberation to Black people has had long-lasting ramifications. As Executive Director, my most impactful contribution to the fight for racial justice and equity is creating effective schools. That IS my protest and my power.”

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