Baker Teaching Fellowship

Focused development, support, and structure to individuals launching a career in urban public education.


KIPP Jacksonville is a non-profit network of college-preparatory, public charter schools, dedicated to creating joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose – college, career and beyond – so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world. We seek to grow the number of outstanding educators in our schools through the Baker Teaching Fellowship program, named after KIPP Jacksonville’s founding board chairman, John D. Baker II. The Fellowship provides focused development, support, and structure to individuals launching a career in urban public education.


High quality professional development from an instructional coach, with weekly feedback and guidance.

Real-time learning from a lead teacher in a co-teaching model, using a gradual release of full classroom ownership.

Free individual health insurance, including dental, vision, and retirement matching plans.

Full-time salary of $42,500 during the Fellowship year, and increasing to $50,000 upon a lead teacher offer the following year.

This program is ideal for:

  • Those graduating from an education preparation program
  • Those graduating from an alternative certification program
  • Someone who has passed Florida certification exams in an appropriate area (K-6 is preferred; Pre-K- Grade 3 or a subject area in 5-9 acceptable)

KIPP Jacksonville Schools believes that our staff will represent our core values—high expectations, a growth mindset, and commitment to team. We can link each aspect of the Fellowship to our core values and we are searching for aspiring educators who embody them.


Fellows demonstrate a commitment to working with educationally underserved students in Jacksonville and hold a high bar of excellence for both themselves and their students. Fellows are considered full-time certified teachers paired with a Lead Teacher. They engage in a gradual release of increased instructional responsibilities, while the majority of lesson planning is owned by the Lead Teacher. The goal for each Fellow is to master the necessary skills to become a Lead Teacher with KIPP (1 year).


Fellows have the desire and humility to receive and implement feedback to improve their practice. Fellows are paired with an instructional coach who conducts weekly observations and provides feedback. Focused professional development occurs weekly.


Fellows believe that greater success comes from working together as a team. At the elementary level, fellows are placed in either kindergarten or first grade with an experienced lead teacher. They co-teach one classroom of students all core content subjects. At the upper elementary/middle school level, fellows are placed in either fifth or sixth grade with an experienced lead teacher. They lead portions of whole group instruction and small group instruction in specific content areas. Grade level placements are not permanent and fellows can preference different grade levels if they receive a lead teacher offer in the future. Fellows and teachers alike work an extended school day in support of our students.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (to be completed the summer before the upcoming school year)
  • Florida Teaching Certification or Equivalent (certification received upon graduation is acceptable and should be listed in the job application)

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Meet a 2019-20 Fellow

“My favorite part about working at KIPP is how committed all the teachers and faculty are to helping our scholars grow and learn. The Baker Teaching Fellowship at KIPP Jacksonville was very appealing to me, because it gave me a chance to learn from an experienced teacher. The best part about co-teaching kindergarten is that there is another adult in the room to bounce ideas off of. I think that anyone applying to the Fellowship should look forward to a lot of teamwork and be open to trying different strategies in the classroom that might help improve their teaching.”

Holly Struthers (right)
2019-20 Baker Teaching Fellow
Kindergarten, KIPP VOICE Elementary