Benefits & Professional Development

Taking care of our team and family is a top priority at KIPP Public Schools Jacksonville, which is why we offer a robust benefits package. You focus on students. We’ll focus on you.

Higher Salaries

Everyone from our bus drivers to our teachers earn higher pay than our district counterparts. Starting salaries for first year teachers begin at $42,500, and experienced teachers start at $50,000 per year. Salaries are competitive and based on experience for many of the roles in our building.

Free Health Benefits

Maintaining your health is a top priority. Full-time teachers and staff have the opportunity to receive individual medical, dental, and vision insurance at no cost to them.

Disability and Life Insurance

KIPP Jacksonville pays 100% of the premiums for short-term and long-term disability insurance and for a life insurance policy. This benefit is provided for all full-time employees at no cost to them.

Focus on Wellness

Maintaining balance is key. We promote wellness internally through initiatives like our monthly Wellness Wednesday, where all employees leave early to run errands, schedule appointments, or just relax.

Retirement with Match

Preparing for the future is important. Our employees have the opportunity to contribute to a 403(b) retirement plan, and we match part of those contributions.


Great schools are relentlessly focused on developing teacher instruction. During the year, you can anticipate having at least bi-weekly check-ins with your coach; these frequent, specific coaching cycles allow teachers to reflect and improve quickly.

Leadership Development

As our schools continue to grow, teachers may take on additional responsibilities as a teacher, such a grade level chair or teacher coach. Both school- and regional-based staff may also have the opportunity to participate in KIPP’s leadership development programming.

Professional Development

We believe the most effective, applicable professional development is often provided in-house. Each Wednesday, our students dismiss early, and staff come together to reflect and learn as a group as well as meet in content and grade-level teams.

Regional Support

In addition to school-level support, our region’s robust academic support team provides curricular guidance, data support, and develops benchmark assessments to ensure that our curriculum is aligned, rigorous and normed across our region.

National Network

At KIPP Jacksonville, your team extends to the 255 KIPP schools that fall under the KIPP Foundation, our national organization that provides support and guidance in our work. As part of the KIPP network, staff receive access to tools and resources from colleagues across the country.