KIPP is a national network of 255 college-preparatory public charter schools with a 25-year track record of preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and in life.

  • Charter schools are tuition-free public schools and enrollment is open to all students. They are independently operated schools that run with more flexibility than traditional public schools in exchange for increased accountability.

    The “charter” that establishes each school is a contract detailing the school’s mission, program, performance goals, and methods of assessment. Every public charter school has an authorizer which, subject to state law, may be a district school board, university, Mayor’s office, or non-profit organization. Authorizers are responsible for holding charter schools accountable for compliance with their operating agreements or “charters.”

    Like all public schools, charter schools are:

    • Tuition-free and part of the free public school system
    • Held to state and federal academic standards
    • Open to all students, including those with disabilities
    • Funded primarily through a combination of federal, state, and local tax dollars
    • Not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group
  • Yes, KIPP Jacksonville Schools are public charter schools. They receive public funding and are held accountable for their academic results and financial stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Like traditional public schools, our students take the state exams annually. However, public charter schools operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools.

    • Free = That families do not pay tuition
    • Open Enrollment = We do not screen out applicants for any reason, as long as they live in Duval County
    • Public Charter School = We receive public funding, but also raise private dollars to meet the needs of our students.
  • According to controlled school choice option, out-of-county students may apply to KIPP Jacksonville Schools. If there is an applicant living outside of Duval County, the applicant will follow the same timeline to apply. If the school still has openings after giving priority to Duval County applicants, remaining spots will be available to out of Duval County applicants in the order they applied in each grade level.

  • In the 2019-20 school year, KIPP Jacksonville Schools will serve kindergarten through seventh grade.

  • No. Once a child enrolls at KIPP Jacksonville Schools, that student does not need to reapply each year but must complete re-enrollment paperwork to confirm their seat for the following year. However, if your student is put on the waiting list, a new application is needed every year to be reconsidered for the lottery.

  • No. KIPP Jacksonville Schools are tuition-free, public charter schools. Once enrolled, there is a nominal fee for our required school uniforms.

  • KIPP Jacksonville Schools seek qualified, passionate individuals for teaching positions. Please click here to learn more about our process and open positions.

  • Yes. As public charter schools, we receive funds from federal, state, and local government. State and federal funding comprise the large majority of our budget. In order to provide our students with our longer school day, week and year and our well-rounded, college-preparatory education, we raise funds from private sources to fill the gap.

  • Yes. KIPP Jacksonville is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

  • No. KIPP Jacksonville is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. KIPP schools across the country and in Jacksonville are non-profit, public charter schools.