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Supporting Alumni through college, career, and beyond.


About KIPP Forward

KIPP Forward counselors support students as they prepare for and select the right postsecondary path and career based on their interests and passions. After high school, KIPP Forward counselors help alumni navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while in college or pursuing a career.

KIPPsters set a high bar for their futures. For some, that means being the first in their family to graduate from college or buy a home. For others, it means serving our country or creating a business. So KIPP schools ensure each student has the skills and confidence to pursue any path that leads to their highest aspirations.

Through KIPP Forward, we’re supporting students to discover what a fulfilling life means to them, then break through any barrier that dares stand in their way of achieving it. Our KIPP counselors support students to choose and prepare for the educational and career paths that fit their goals and sense of purpose. Once on their way, KIPP advisors help alumni keep moving forward, tackling academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while pursuing their dreams. And through the National KIPP Alumni Network, our KIPP family is creating powerful connections and ascending together with networking, mentorship, leadership training, and more.

Across the country, KIPPsters are making their mark. They are earning degrees, building businesses, reforming policy, serving their communities, and rising through the ranks of companies and organizations throughout the nation. Together, they’re creating a future without limits. For themselves. For all those who will follow them. And for us all.


Kids Hope Alliance (KHA) is a funding agent for the City of Jacksonville. KHA invests millions annually in children’s and youth programs and services in Duval County, simultaneously managing their implementation and monitoring their outcomes.   KHA has partnered with KIPP Jacksonville, Inc. and KIPP Forward to provide an impactful and interactive college and career exploration program.  Through the funds provided by KHA, KIPP Forward will be able to introduce the students of KIPP Bold City High School to college and career opportunities, valuable life skills, enriching exposure, and social-emotional education.

KIPP Forward at Bold City High

  • Individual college and career advising meetings with all 9th-grade students.
  • Quarterly group workshops for all 10th grade students.
  • Individual advising meetings with both 11th-grade students and parents or guardians.
  • College and career seminar classes with College Knowledge and Career Success Curriculum.
  • College visits for all grade levels.
  • Academic counseling and high school graduation tracking.
  • Dual Credit class opportunities.
  • Advanced Placement class opportunities.
  • College admission tests preparation (SAT and ACT).

Choosing a College

KIPP has learned that not all colleges are equal when it comes to graduation rates for students from communities that face economic barriers. KIPP uses the College Match Framework while counseling students and families through the college decision-making process. Students who “match” well are more likely to graduate within 4-6 years. While the College Match Framework outlines in detail the steps that high school Juniors and Seniors should follow, the four steps below are critical for all students as they prepare for the match process:

  • Get an early start. It takes a lot of work, a lot of planning, and a lot of time to apply to college. We advise our students to get an early start and to apply ahead of admission deadlines. This gives them access to the largest pool of financial aid and, in some cases, increases odds for acceptance through Early Decision or Early Action options.
  • Explore your passion, purpose, plan and fit priorities. It is critical that KIPPsters take time to reflect on what they want out of a college education, include college experience, learning environment, location, area of study, and career opportunities. By building these characteristics into their SMART wish lists, students are more invested in their options and better set up to make strong decisions in the Spring.
  • Prepare for the cost of college. A college degree opens the door for more job opportunities and higher-paying careers. School leaders, teachers, and college counselors work with students and families to understand their options, to help them increase eligibility for aid, and to avoid excess debt.
  • Know your numbers. KIPPsters’ academic profiles, including their GPA, ACT, and SAT, affect which school they can attend. School leaders, teachers, and college counseling teams make sure students not only know their numbers, but also know how to implement key strategies to improve their academic trajectories during high school.


Persisting Through College

After students graduate from KIPP schools, KIPP alumni coaches and counselors remain dedicated to helping students earn a degree on the path to a life full of opportunity. Throughout college there are several crucial moments that can put a student at risk of leaving school; conversely, there are some key behaviors that keep a student on the path to graduation. Our support approach is informed by rigorous research, our students’ experiences, and the knowledge and expertise of our community.

  • Have a purpose, passion, and plan. Create, iterate, and commit to a college and career plan.
  • Focus on academics. Ensure you set and meet academic goals.
  • Network and navigate. Identify and utilize a strong support team.
  • Be financially fit. Make smart, savvy financial decisions.
  • Know who you are. Develop and practice self-awareness.

“I attended KIPP Impact Academy for 5th-8th grade just two years after the school opened, and from the start, I knew it was the perfect environment for me. KIPP taught me values I still carry with me today as a young adult, and most importantly they showed students that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. KIPP has always provided a sense of family, and the KIPP Forward program has continuously supported me over the years. The past two summers I have had the honor of interning with KIPP Jacksonville, which gave me great experience and mentorship. I am extremely grateful for everything KIPP has done for myself and the community.”

Tatianna Young